SellersDash offers a range of tools that will help you streamline AliExpress and Shopify in the best way possible. SellersDash's has multiple innovative features that are not available in any of the other Dropshipping tools. Multi-language support, Multi-currency support, Per-product Pricing Rules will give you, a Dropshipping business owner, more freedom over prices, profit margins and who you want to target.

Best Integration with AliExpress & Shopify

Seamless integration with Shopify and AliExpress in terms products, prices or orders

Automatic Order Fulfillment

Automatically fulfill orders on Shoipfy upon shipment by AliExpress supplier

Multi Language Support

Import products and features in 16 different languages including French and Spanish

Multi Currency Support

Supports over 170 different currencies to import prices to your store, not just USD.

Import AliExpress Product Reviews

One click import of AliExpress Product Reviews to your Shopify Store.

Automatic / Manual Order Syncing

Automatic syncing of Shopify Orders plus along with on demand manual order syncing

Pricing Rules for Each Product

Flexible Pricing Rules that can be applied on a per-product basis. No global pricing rule limitation.

Auto Price and Inventory Syncing

Price and inventory gets synced between AliExpress and Shopify every 36 hours.

Advanced Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows you to easily import products from AliExpress, place orders etc.

Easy Product Remapping

If a product gets unpublished on AliExpress, can easily remap its variants to another product.

Affordable and Approachable

At just $19.99/month, its cheaper while being much more feature packed than the competition.

Import From

Besides importing from AliExpress, you can import products and orders directly from Oberlo.


Installation of SellersDash's Chrome Extension is necessary to use various integral parts of the app including importing products, placing orders etc. Click on the link below to install our Chrome Extension.

Install SellersDash Chrome Extension


SellersDash is a tool built from the ground up by experienced Dropshippers and strives to cover as much ground as possible when it comes to packing it with every feature an AliExpress Dropshipper could imagine of. Here's how it works


Install SellersDash Chrome Extension

Install the Chrome Extension or use the URL importer for Point and Click import of AliExpress Products to SellersDash


Make necessary changes and Import

Make necessary changes to your Product for Variant Prices and Compare-At Prices, Price Rule, Auto Price/Inventory Sync Settings and Import to Shopify


Place An Order on AliExpress

As soon as orders from Shopify get updated on SellersDash, you can start placing those orders on AliExpress using the Chrome Extension


AliExpress Supplier Ships the Order

AliExpress Supplier then ships the order directly to the customer at their provided Address


Check out this quick walkthrough video of how easy it is to jump start with SellersDash


We have a very simple pricing plan and the Free version works great for starters. Just sign up for the free version and take SellersDash for a ride.




  • 400 Products
  • 200 Orders Per Month
  • 5 Pricing Rules
  • 20 Review Downloads Per Product
  • Place Order using Chrome Extension
  • Automatic Order Syncing
  • Automatic Tracking Number Syncing
  • Taxonomy Management
  • Free AliExprss Invoice Generation
  • Download Sales Report
  • Open Ali Order from Shopify
  • Advanced Product Search
  • Advanced Order Search and Filtering
  • Product Remapping with New Product
  • Order Tags
  • Automatic Shopify Order Fulfillment
  • No product notifications
  • Generate Invoice from AliExpress

(All Signups start with the BASIC version. You can upgrade to the Silver version anytime from the User Settings.)


SellersDash is an all in one suite of tools that will help you run your dropshipping business by leveraging AliExpress and Shopify. You can easily pick products and start importing them to your store. You can use our powerful pricing rules to automatically adjust pricing on a per-product level by using multiplication and addition formulae on the original prices. Not just that, SellersDash supports 170+ different currencies so even when you store's default currency is not USD, you can use SellersDash to auto update prices based on your desired currency. You can also download sales report for any date range,

Downloading original product reviews from AliExpress in a ready to import format has never been easier. You can simply select the exported products that you want to download reviews for and request a download. The downloaded CSV file can be imported to Shopify's Product Reviews App. If you use any other review app, the import should work fine as well after adjusting the CSV column names. You can also download sales reports for any given date range.

Another handy feature is the ease with which you can locate the original AliExpress Order from Shopify Orders Page using SellersDash Chrome Extension.

SellersDash gives you a peace of mind by maintaining a real time sync with Shopify and regular updates on Order Status, Product Pricing etc. via AliExpress. All your orders get automatically synced. You can also add multiple tags to Orders to make it easier for you to locate them as needed.

SellersDash gives you the best bang for your buck compared to any other similar AliExpress Dropshipping tool out there while helping you make profit. SellersDash supports content import in 16 different languages namely English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Thai and Portuguese so that you can import descriptions as well as variant feature names in these languages as well. This will help you connect better with a more diverse set of customers.

Many more features are coming soon... So stay tuned!


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