Setting maximum and minimum prices for Dropshipping price syncing to bypass pricing rules

With SellersDash’s powerful Pricing Rules, you can set a pricing markup formula for your imported products on a per product basis. Rather than a flat percentage based markup offered by other dropshipping tools, our pricing rules allow you to set two steps on each rule for price manipulation so that you can handle scenarios where you might need to apply a percentage markup and then a flat dollar price on top of it(lets say for shipping). Finally, you can also apply psychological pricing to it so that the price always ends in .99, .97 etc.


Besides that, you can also set maximum and minimum price thresholds for your products so that when the original prices on Aliexpress change and are subsequently updated to your store via SellersDash, they never go past these limits. This can come in extremely handy in cases where you might want to avoid prices going past a mark rendering it unreasonable either to you as a seller or the end customer. For example, lets say the price of a product on AliExpress at the time of importing is $5. You set a 250% markup on it so that the price is $12.5. Now lets say the product goes on a sale on AliExpress and drops to just $1. So, when the markup is applied, the new price becomes $2.5 which is then updated to your store. Here, $2.5 may seem a little too cheap and you might be missing out on the chance of making more profits here. So, if you set the minimum price on the product to lets say $10 on SellersDash, the price for the product on your store is updated to $10 even if the pricing rule formula brings it to just $2.5. Similarly, if the price rises to $10 on AliExpress and you have the maximum price of the product set to $20, the price is updated on your store as $20 even though the application of the pricing rule brings it to $25.

The maximum and minimum price fields are optional and if those values are left empty, just the chosen pricing rule for the product is applied when updating prices to your store. You are free to set either the maximum price, minimum price or both or neither. Practically, minimum price can be quite useful especially when the product is on a sale on AliExpress. You can update the maximum and minimum prices anytime you see fit.