AliExpress Tracking Numbers Syncing With Sellersdash for Auto Fulfillment on Shopify

Tracking Numbers

With SellersDash Chrome extension you can easily update tracking numbers of your shipped orders from ALiExpress to SellersDash and then auto fulfill that order/line item on Shopify. To setup automatic tracking number update, all you need to be logged into AliExpress. SellersDash chrome extension then periodically updates the tracking numbers from your AliExpress order details page. You don’t need to do anything else, you can just be browsing any other website and SellersDash would still check for tracking numbers and update them to SellersDash(as long as you are logged into AliExpress).

AliExpress session duration doesn’t last long so if you find out that you are not logged into AliExpress, you can just log into it and SellersDash will auto update all tracking numbers within the next 5 minutes.