Blind Dropshipping or Blind Dropship on AliExpress explained

If you have been fairly new to dropshipping, you must have come across the term “Blind Dropshipping” or simply “Blind Dropship”. So what does Blind dropshipping mean? Blind Dropshipping on AliExpress

You must have asked this question to yourself, “If the supplier included the original invoice depicting the actual amount I paid for the dropshipped product, won’t the customer get mad?”. Yes they might and this is where blind dropshipping comes into play. Blind dropshipping is a measure taken by the dropshipping store owner to make sure that any marketing material from the original supplier or references to them is made unavailable to the end buyer. This is one of the key things that every dropshipper needs to learn early on into their dropshipping journey. Including the original invoice in the package will no doubt result in a disgruntled customer who would feel that they were ripped off and might raise a Paypal dispute or give you a bad rating on sites like TrustPilot, ResellerRatings or BBB.

The first thing crosses the customer’s mind is that they could just have gone to the original store and purchased it from there for a fraction of the cost rather than buying it from your store. This is one of the worst things that could happen to you as a business owner. Customers have a tendency to feel elated whenever they feel they purchased a good product for a good price, this is just human nature. So as long as they are not aware of the actual price difference between what they paid and what it actually costs, they wouldn’t mind. So as a store owner, you need to make sure that they don’t see the original price you paid for it and there are no references to place or supplier that you may have bought it off of.

How to do blind dropshipping on AliExpress and avoid customers from seeing the actual price

By default, almost all AliExpress dropshipping suppliers will include this invoice in the packaging which will definitely get your customers furious. All you need to do is ask the supplier to NOT include the original invoice or any of their marketing materials in the packaging box. So, blind dropshipping’s meaning is as simple as that. On SellersDash, you have an option to set the default order note to the supplier. Whenever you place an order using our Dropshipping Chrome Extension, the order note you saved in your settings on SellersDash will be automatically applied on the order on AliExpress. Or, if you are placing the order manually, you can just add this note in the order summary page on AliExpress. You can use a simple order note something like “Please don’t include the original invoice or marketing materials in the packaging”.

What if I forgot to add the order note to the dropshipping supplier

If you forgot to add the order note, you can simply message the seller from the messaging center right after you place the order. Just make sure that you do this as soon as you realize you forgot to include the order note(ideally within an hour of placing the order).

What is double blind dropshipping?

Blind dropshipping relies on giving your suppliers the benefit of the doubt that they won’t include their marketing materials or original. But who knows, they might just include the original marketing material since they have direct access to a potential customer who might order stuff from them in the future and for much cheaper. So, whats the surefire solution to this? The solution is Double Blind Dropshipping. Double blind dropshipping makes it possible for you to be sure that neither the customer not the dropshipping supplier learns about each other contact information. You will however need to look for such providers that intercept the package in the middle, remove marketing materials if any and ship it to the customer for a certain fee.

Blind Dropshipping suppliers

Doulbe blind dropshipping will however be more expensive to you than dropshipping directly and will also increase the shipping times by a bit. Not just that, the companies that provide this kind of service are few and far between. So a good approach is to pick a handful of dropshipping suppliers that you can trust and always dropship from them. There are tons of stores on AliExpress which market themselves as “Dropshipping Stores” or “Dropshipping Suppliers” so your chances of going wrong with them are low.

Happy Dropshipping!

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